He`d recognise every shape, every outline, the silhouette of everyone who came to the door. 


Pride and Prejudice (2005)


Belle. Sorry, do we know each other? Oh. Sorry, no.


Sequel to hail mary because I am weak and god damnit, I love football. 

(Does that make any sense? No. Do I care? No.)

(Love you all.)

quarterback sneak. 

She hasn’t seen him in two weeks, not since the night she curled her hair and put on a pretty dress and he gave her flowers at her door, scratching behind his ear and blushing like an idiot while his eyes lingered on her bare legs. Henry had been grinning like the cat that got the freaking canary the whole time the two of them stood in the foyer of her loft, a smug smile turning the corner of his lips as she gave him pizza money and told him not to order any solicit movies on pay per view. 

It was a perfect first date. His shirt matched his eyes and he asked her questions like he actually cared - pulling out her chair at the table like some old world gentleman and where did this guy even come from? 

(London, apparently. Moved here with his brother when he was 17 and just so happened to fall into high school teaching - the coaching something he liked to do because it’s nice to be a part of something.)

(She melted a bit into her pesto penne at the gentle sincerity in his voice, but that is neither here nor there.)

He kissed her under the streetlight on the corner, his fingers gentle as he toyed with an errant curl - the November breeze sweeping around them but doing nothing to cool the fiery heat in her cheeks. It was soft and gentle and perfect and when he pulled her closer with an arm around her waist, she went willingly - tilting her head and letting him deepen it with a whispered sigh. 

(She could have sworn he still tasted like frosting, but perhaps that was muscle memory from the bake sale - his broken groan as she pressed him up against the garden shed behind the school still on loop in her mind.)

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Bella Notte (5/?)


A/N: This is definitely not the Bodyguard AU and it’s definitely not the Mummy AU (or any of the movie prompts sitting in my askbox either — DOH!), but I am a slave to my muse so you get Part 5 way in advance of everything else I should be working on xD Also want to take a quick second to say thank you for the messages and the reblogs and the tags about this fic — I read every single one and I love you guys so much :))

[Part 1 || Part 2 || Part 3 || Part 4]


“So I was thinking about a gradient all the way across the walls…Light blue through all the sunset colors — pinks, oranges, purples, midnight blue — from one side of the entrance, all the way around the room, and back to the other side.” 

Emma watches Ruby through the mirror in between her applications of mascara — the brunette’s eyes are closed, face smiling as she imagines the design in her head. 

“It has to be paint,” Ruby says absentmindedly, her hands gesturing in front of her like she’s touching the walls. “We can use wallpaper, but I think it’ll lose some of the effect we can get with texture…clouds during the day and stars across the night, maybe even the Neverland star, that could be fun…”

Emma tries to picture it, but at the mention of the word ‘blue,’ all she can see are the vibrant blue eyes of one Mr. British Dog Owner. The rest of his face follows fairly quickly after and suddenly the image of him — which she’d been dutifully trying to avoid conjuring repeatedly since yesterday, damn it — works its way to the forefront of her mind. Irritation licks down her spine.

“And I know we originally talked about possibly hanging reimagined prints of iconic fairytale scenes — Cinderella being fitted with her shoe, Snow White being woken up with True Love’s kiss- 

She tries not to roll her eyes, she really does because this is her business, after all, but she can’t keep the snort from cutting Ruby off. “The Little Mermaid sacrificing her life instead of killing her Prince-”

“Hardly appropriate for the dinner hour, Emma,” The brunette’s eyes snap open and she shoots a scowl at her. 

“Though entirely accurate,” she retorts, her grin amused. “It’s the original story, and as dark as all the rest — Disney just tied everything up with neat little bows.”

“You’re opening a restaurant called ‘The Fable’ in a town named ‘Storybrooke,’ I hardly think now is the time to be a cynic about love.” Ruby puts her hands on her hips.

“Not a cynic,” Emma corrects, curling and applying a second coat of mascara to the lashes of her other eye. “A realist.” 

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Killian Jones just wants to get to the fun he’s promised Emma Swan but all these fairytale characters want to be in the spotlight all the time. Y’all had movies dedicated to you — let the princess and pirate have some fun. 


Once Upon a Time/Beauty and the Beast- The Iconic Dance.


Captain Swan Hiatus Meme5/10 scenes

Apologies. A woman as beautiful as you deserves my full and prompt attention.

saviorandthepirate: can you write a cs birthday fic? please? (for my birthday pretty pretty please?) you're such a talented writer and one of my favorites so i had to ask you... :)


Because I promised saviorandthepirate. Happy belated (I’m assuming) birthday! 

 set in Poetry Reading world, a few months after the ending.

Rating: PG (and fluffy)

Word Count: ~400


He wrinkled his nose in his sleep. Something was tickling his nose, so he swiped at it. There was a laugh and it pulled him out of the depths of slumber with its warmth and light. 

He squinted one eye open. “What time is it?”

“Seven,” she replied, voice carrying the mirth from her laugh.

The other eye opened but all he could see was her face (blurry from the haze of sleep). “Why?” 

He felt lips on his and he melted into the kiss, wrenching his arm from under the covers to wrap around her. She chuckled again, pulling back and then licking his nose. He gave her a strange look, all the while enjoying how she wore his shirts (her typical morning wear).  Today was a green one that just made her eyes all the more bright. 

“You got frosting there,” she explained about his nose. 

He sat up and rubbed his eyes then his nose, things coming into focus. Emma held a single white frosted cupcake in her hand. 


“It’s your birthday, dumbass,” she answered. “Liam told me.”

Killian made a face, feeling the twist of embarrassment and discomfort.

“You should have told me.” 

“I’m not a fan of my birthday,” he muttered, running a hand through his hair. 

“No one really is. It’s not like you did anything exceptional on your birthday,” she teased. “However.” She swiped a finger in the frosting and offered it to him. “I’m a pretty big fan that you were born.” 

His felt his body relax immediately. He often wondered if he should be worried at how much influence she had over him. He watched her as her grin softened, her finger still out with frosting. He leaned dutifully to taste the frosting, but the moment he had it, she popped it in her mouth. She laughed as he wrestled her onto the bed.

“Cupcake, cupcake!” she warned, holding the pastry aloft as he pinned her. He took it from her and placed it on his nightstand. But not before taking swipe of frosting for his own. He smeared it on her lips while she squirmed, still giggling. Then he slowly and methodically removed the frosting, enjoying the way her taste was highlighted by the sugar, until she was flushed from head to toe, staring up at him with love (even if she still hadn’t said it yet) in her eyes. “Happy Birthday, Killian,” she whispered. 

“Love you too,” he replied, before kissing her again, longer and deeper.

It was by far his best birthday ever. 


"So you’re just gonna leave your parents, then."



New S4 OUAT promo from the Frozen special!!!





A lesson in why I use google docs. Tumblr likes to delete my text posts - so round two. In honor of NFL Kickoff Week and for weezlywrites who asked for football coach Killian. I went AU, as I always seem to. 

hail mary. 

“Your coach told you what?” 

Henry is busy stuffing his face full of pasta as only a pre-teen hitting his hormonal glory days can, tomato sauce splattering the front of his jersey. She sighs and tries to remember where she put the stain sticker detergent (if she even bought it at all) and mentally calculates the time it will take to get this jersey clean before the next game. 

“He said I have natural talent on defense.” He’s practically bouncing in his seat in excitement, and it’s the first time since he started playing this stupid sport that he’s shown more than a glimmer of real engagement. 

(He started because of Neal - because of his father’s insistence to ditch the books and be a real man. Henry was so desperate for his father’s approval that he had come home that night, begging her to let him play, and god dammit - she couldn’t resist those big brown eyes.)

“Defense? Really?” 

Henry frowns and his shoulder’s drop and she immediately hates herself. She sighs and pops a bit of spinach in her mouth, tilting her head to the side and pressing his pasta bowl closer with her pinky. 

“I just meant I can’t see you as a lineman.” He pokes and prods at his dinner. “Safety, though? Absolutely.” 

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