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Jennifer Morrison @ Entertainment Weekly Party, San Diego Comic Con, Day 3 (July 26, 2014)


jen & colin talking about clothes at the sdcc

'Special' friend.


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a one time thing (and other untruths) (4/?)


Captain Swan. Modern AU.

"She supposes the reason she tells him is the same reason she kept his phone number after all those weeks." 

Notes: So this is gonna be pretty long, actually, probably. Sorta knew that, but then in the writing/editing of this chapter I ended up taking out some stuff because it was too rushed and too soon so if it feels like the pace is pretty slow - I’m sorry. I’m trying to stay as true to these characters and this situation as possible, and so, yeah, things are gonna develop slowly, probably. Thanks for reading and for messaging about it and, yeah, I hope you enjoy this chapter.  

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            “Interesting book selection,” Belle remarks as she scans the stack he’s set on the reference desk. He shrugs, smiling.

            “I like to educate myself.”

            She quirks an eyebrow.

            “And is a congratulations in order?”

            He shrugs again, smile widening, and she smiles, too.

            It’s probably a sign of how sad his life is, that the only person he really has to share the news with is his librarian, but at least it’s something.

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Pretty smooth sailing for you and Emma, who’s gunna pop up from the past to sweep her away so that you have to continue to chase this woman?

#colin is not impressed by that idea



I can’t decide who’s more adorable.



OMG! You guys can seriously fight over ANYTHING, right? We don’t even fucking know if he’s really getting his hand back. For all we know A/E could be trolling us! And you’re all jumping to conclusions and getting mad at each other?

I thought we were over this kind of childish behaviour.

"You’ll definitely see some interactions between the two of them as they both try to figure out what it is that they’re feeling for each other."

Colin O’Donoghue on Hook and Emma in season 4


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You’ll see that her fears and resistance to Hook in certain ways are based around what I can’t talk about.